Need a Fundraising Plan?

When I started fundraising in 1971, I had a book to read, and a 3-day training Seminar put on by my mission.  They taught me how to make phone calls and do an effective fundraising presentation in someone’s home.  I limped along, thankful for the “traditional fundraising training”  I received.

Eventually I got there — to full funding because we had a large contact base.  But many pieces to a comprehensive and solid Partnership Development system were missing, and kept me limping along far into my career.

The ‘traditional fundraising’ skills are still necessary today to raise your money!

But the fundraising environment is also much more complex today.

  • There are over 1.5 million non-profits in the USA today competing for donor funds.
  • With so much personal consumer debt, donor funds are harder to come by.
  • The younger generation looks at funding charities differently.
  • Social Media has changed the rules and also created great opportunity!

In this environment you have to be at the TOP OF YOUR GAME!

Want some help?

My Dynamic Partnership Development (DPD) training program helps you succeed in this complex fundraising environment.  This program gives you a path to follow from A to Z.  You don’t have to wonder what your next strategic step should be.  Follow the training modules in order and you’ll end up with an effective Partnership Development system you can build on for the extent of your career . . . or the remaining few years of it.