For your convenience, here are the most common questions missionaries have about the Dynamic Partnership Development resource.

If your questions aren’t answered here, please send them to me via email, and I’ll get back to you:  davidgrissen@fundtheministry.com


Q:  What type of Missionary, benefits most from the DPD?

A:  I wrote the DPD to take a missionary starting out in partnership development from the starting gate to the finish line.  The DPD helps them create an integrated system of administration, communications, and lead generation using both the traditional fundraising methods as well as the new social media methods.
(See a Diagram of the DPD system by clicking here.)

Because it’s comprehensive, the DPD is also valuable for the weathered missionary who needs to jump back into some heavy fundraising and increase their support levels.  Why?  Because it would assess their present methods and ensure their system is solid and comprehensive enough to carry them forward to the end of their careers, especially in light of the new social media realities.  It would also rekindle motivation for partnership development, and modernize their methodologies to thrust them forward.


Q:  How does the Dynamic Partnership Development program differ from other programs and training?

A: Most personal fundraising programs today either give you advice in a book, or provide training through short seminars, either physically  attended or taken over the internet.

These are great resources, but normally train you in one major aspect of fundraising — traditional fundraising skills.  The DPD program is comprehensive and multi-faceted, developing you in administration, communications, traditional fundraising skills, social media skills, social media ‘reach’ methodologies, while at the same time, educating you, motivating you, and holding you accountable for progress.


Q:  How is the Training delivered to me?

A:  The training comes to you in more than 500 pages divided into 3 Units of 31 Modules, delivered in over 68 Lessons you can do in 45 minutes a day.  That’s 3.5 months of training putting in your 45 minutes, 5 days a week.  That’s a pile of Fundraising information and stimulation.  It could be considered a College Course curriculum on Fundraising and you’ve got the full syllabus!


Q: What if I purchase the DPD and then my life circumstances change, or the resource is not what I thought it would be?

A:  No need to worry about that.  I’ve got you covered.  Purchase it and get started!  If it’s not what you like or need, I’m giving you a 60-day, no hassle, money-back guarantee.

May I offer a suggestion here?  Since you don’t need to worry about losing money by purchasing the DPD,  purchase the coaching resource NOW and get started.  Not for my sake, but for yours.

Don’t wait.  Every day you lose in fundraising means your bottom line suffers.  It takes some time and energy to get your system in place before you start seeing Return On Investment.  Waiting only prolongs your ROI and therefore your suffering.


Q:  Why pay $29.00 for the DPD when I can simply read a cheaper book and get started myself without all the cost and training?

A:  That’s always your option and prerogative.  You can probably find a book on fundraising, but honestly, not for much cheaper than my price.  And with a book, you don’t have a 500 page, powerful fundraising training program working for you.

I would also remind you of Proverbs 13:16a, “Every prudent man acts out of knowledge . . .” or Proverbs 19:2, “It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way.” or one more in Proverbs 21:5, “The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.”

In partnership development, doing things solidly and systematically is better than doing things sporadically or spontaneously.  Answer this question for that reason:  How easy will it be to recontact a potential donor and gain another appointment with them, if you contacted them the first time in a sloppy, unwise, unskillful way and they didn’t give?


Q.  Doesn’t the research behind the DPD get outdated?  And don’t the technologies built into the DPD also become irrelevant soon?  So does it pay to invest in the DPD?

A:  You’ve got that right.  Our knowledge base is moving ahead at quantum speed.  What a freshman learns today is already becoming irrelevant when they are juniors.  In this regard, the DPD is helping you create a basic Partnership Development system, not greatly affected by these changes.

And once your system is solidly in place, you can build on it yourself, adapt it, add to it, etc. as you gain new knowledge, methodologies and technologies you believe are helpful.

At the same time, I’m in this process with you.  I didn’t write the DPD and then cut and run.  I’m keeping my fundraising tools relevant and I’m developing new ones all the time.  So I’m immersed in the partnership development marketplace of new ideas, technologies, and research.

While I admit, I’m not your best ‘technology’ guy, I can still point you in a new direction that I judge would be valuable to your fundraising progress.  And when I come across new, relevant research, or revise any module in the DPD, I’ll send that out to everyone who’s purchased it in the past.  Buying the DPD ensures you’ve got me working for you in the future!


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