About Us

Congratulations for “being out there for Christ & His cause in today’s needy and dangerous world!”  Sheri, my wife of 48 years, and I highly respect you for that!

We’ve put in 45 years in cross-cultural work, raised a family in a foreign setting, led international teams to accomplish objectives, been encouraged and depressed, and experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly.


After starting six different ministries for The Navigators, and serving as an Associate Pastor for 3 years, Sheri and I started Life Impact, a ministry of care to Weary Christian Warriors, serving them through hosted homes called, Oases.  Life Impact offers a safe place to go, and a caring person to talk with.  (www.LifeImpactMinistries.net)

Today we live in Bend, Oregon where we continue serving on Life Impact’s Board, but I also write various tools for Christian workers.  One of those is the Dynamic Partnership Development training program or DPD.

For you as Missionaries, raising funds is a major challenge — perhaps greater today than when we started.  Our hearts are to see you funded and out there making a difference for Christ in some location in the world!  I hope my tools, especially the DPD, will help you get your funding up as quickly as possible.



Here’s what I bring to the table in the DPD:

  • Donor Support Experience – Our donor-funded ministry started in 1971 in Western Michigan. We ended 45 years later, December 31, 2015. People and churches have faithfully funded us as our Anchor Team, on this long ministry journey. What does that say about God’s people? They are generous and will support the work of God!
  • Fundraising Experience – We’ve had 45 years of funding our ministry through the traditional methods you will also learn. Through that approach, the Lord has brought into our living & ministry account, over 2.5 million dollars during our ministry career.
  • Mission Experience – Our career has been in international missions. We know what you face in the trenches when you have to fund your ministry through your own fundraising efforts. That’s not an easy task for sure. But the blessings and results of having enough money to carry out your work is not only beneficial, but stress relieving as well.
  • Heart for Staff — I don’t enjoy seeing the agony of underfunded staff in the many areas of life negatively impacted by that reality. And this negative doesn’t just affect the missionary, but also negatively impacts the spouse and family as well. I prefer to help them become 110% funded!
  • Gift of Synthesizing – I enjoy pulling various resources together and creating a path for someone to follow, enhancing their life and work. The Lord has used us in this way time and again over our ministry career. Hopefully this path you will walk through the DPD will take you to your pinnacle in your ministry funding!