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Congratulations for “being out there for Christ & His cause in today’s needy and dangerous world!”  Sheri,…

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Time to Kick Your Fundraising into High Gear?

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The Zero-Based Daily Management E-Book helps you manage your daily tasks to get your ministry done.

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Dynamic Partnership Development

Free Papers from the DPD Program
What's Your Fundraising Philosophy?
How you think about raising your personal support will determine your success in that pursuit. Get my Free Paper to clarify this issue and firm up your view so you succeed.
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How Much Money Do You Actually Need?
In support raising, are you clear in how much money you need? Setting some basic 'benchmarks' helps you move forward successfully. And it helps you know of your progress. Get my Free Worksheet and Budget Form so there is no fuzziness in your goals.
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How to Raise Money in America
The USA still has the highest GDP in the World. The Lord has blessed our economy. Since all wealth belongs to Him, it's vital that billions of dollars from the USA should flow into Kingdom causes around the world. If you must raise money from USA sources, it's wise for you to understand the USA Church culture. I have written a report called, "Understanding the USA Church Culture." Request this FREE Report below:
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LIFE IMPACT offers hosted places of rest, retreat and renewal (called Oases) for International Workers and Christian leaders.
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